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A four-year starter on the pitch for the Hilldale Hornets, Corbet Weaver is all smiles as he continues to chase his passion striving to master his soccer skills playing what’s called “the beautiful game.” 

“It is not just about scoring. Soccer is about playing your role in a manner that benefits the entire team,” explained Weaver. “When every player understands this and plays their role, it is a beautiful thing.”

Weaver first caught the “fever” for soccer when he was four years old playing for “The Pills” – a team sponsored by Economy Pharmacy. And over the next 14 years, his passion for the game continued to grow.

“I love soccer because I can be creative and there are so many lessons to be learned,” said the Hornets defensive midfielder. “Every game and practice presents a new challenge to overcome and a new question to answer. I can grow into a better player every day.”

The Hilldale senior calls his style of play “Tiki-Taka…Take the ball, pass the ball” where the mental strategy is the most important part of playing and winning in soccer.

“I play the defensive midfield role, on a soccer team it’s called the number six. I play the role of running the game and setting the pace. I function to disrupt their offense and position our offense to attack,” explained Weaver, a captain on Hilldale’s soccer squad. “The toughest thing about playing the number six is playing the mental game. I have to constantly read the game and assess strengths and weaknesses. I have to position our team to exploit the opponents’ weakness while playing into our strength.”

Weaver’s cerebral approach to soccer draws praise from his coach.

“Corbet is a disciple of the game who has been very instrumental in establishing the culture of our program,” said Connor Schwab. “He’s a composed player on the ball. If you look at several of our attacking opportunities, Corbet is the one getting it started.”

Described as passionate and hard working, Weaver’s impact carries through the locker room as well as off the field.

“He’s the guy in the locker room keeping us focused on our team goals and keeping our mindset sharp,” Schwab said with appreciation.

Or as “C-bet” explains, soccer is at its best when there’s total team unity and effort.

“It is important to get all your teammates involved because we can only reach our goals if everyone is raising their level of play,” said Weaver who wears jersey number 22. “So to get everyone involved, I try to encourage involvement on and off the pitch at all times. Lifting everyone to a higher level than the day before.

In the classroom, Weaver maintains a 3.5 GPA earning Principal’s Honor Roll honors. He plans to attend Northeastern State University in the fall with a passion for a professional career working with animals, perhaps in veterinary medicine. But with the soccer playoffs and graduation just around the corner, Weaver hopes to complete his high school experience with a championship celebration. 

But Corbet, what’s on the menu for the celebration dinner? He paused then smiled before making his choice.

“If I’m choosing what we eat, I’m going to order my grandmother’s chicken and dumplings. They are absolutely the best.” 

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