Bravado 1125 

VYPE Oklahoma has launched its annual Fan’s Choice teams for each hub in the state. We want to give you, the fans, a chance to tell us who deserves to be on the All-Hub Teams. The Fan's Choice and Editor's Choice teams will be published in the August issue of VYPE. 

Voting for this poll will close at 8:00 PM on July 16th. You may vote as many times as you like. 

Schedule of voting for each position: 

Quarterbacks: June 16 – 23

Receivers/Tight Ends: June 18 – 25

Running Backs: June 22 – 29

Offensive Linemen: June 25 – July 2

Linebackers: July 6 – 13

Defensive Backs: July 9 – 16

Defensive Linemen: July 10 – 17

(Dates subject to change, stay tuned to VYPE Oklahoma's Twitter and Facebook for any updates)

DISCLAIMER: If voting exceeds an extraordinary amount in a small period of time, your IP address may be subject to a “cooling off period.” Rest assured, you will eventually be able to vote again.

DISCLAIMER #2: If you do not see an athlete from the area who you wish to vote for, write in their NAME and SCHOOL. Once they get 100 votes they will be added to the list. 

Bravado 1125

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