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Hitting a home run in your first game of the season might be considered a good omen. But the Dewar Dragon’s Micah Cloud is cautious.

“Yes, that was pretty neat to hit a homer in the opening game of the season but you’ve got to keep it going for the whole season to be successful.”

Cloud plays first and third base as well as pitches for the Dragon with a fast ball in the lower to mid-80 mph range and at 6-1, 230, an imposing figure on the mound according to his coach Josh Kilhofer.

“He’s a good leader by example with a great work ethic,” said Kilhofer. “His hitting has also steadily improved over the years.”

Micah also plays in the offensive line for the Dewar football team but admits he likes being on the diamond better.

“I’ve just had more success at baseball, I guess. One of my role models is former big leaguer Prince Fielder. He was a big guy like me and he showed me that as long as you have the attitude and work ethic, you can go a long way.”

Cloud has also had a teacher along the way that has impacted him.

“Mr. Herring was my history teacher. He was a great teacher and I felt like I could talk to him about anything. He was just a straightforward guy.”

Micah also honors his Creek Indian heritage in his lifestyle.

“I’m pretty traditional in my ways. I can’t speak a lot of Creek but I’m learning more all the time. I also take part in stomp dancing.”

As a senior on the team, Cloud knows that he needs to be there for the younger players.

“If someone messes up, a good leader is there to encourage them and not hound on them. Just tell them to shake it off and not let it get into their head.”

Micah says he plans to attend college and has had some discussions with Bacone College about going there and playing baseball after he’s done as a Dragon.

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