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Okemah High School’s Makhan Harjo is a three-sport student-athlete for the Panthers and a member of the Muscogee Creek Nation. Playing for Okemah and being part of the community gives Harjo a sense of pride. 

“I enjoy being able to play with my great teammates and the town of Okemah,” said Harjo. “I play football, basketball and baseball. In football, I play the middle linebacker on defense and fullback/tight end on offense. In basketball I play in the post, while in baseball I play at third base, and I pitch a little bit.”

The uncertainty coming into this season has not slowed Harjo down. He has worked all summer to prepare himself for a good year. 

“I look forward to having school and to be able to participate in sports year round with my teammates,” said Harjo. 

As a member of the Muscogee Creek Nation, Harjo said it’s a humbling feeling when he is around other members of his tribe. 

“It means a lot knowing where your heritage is from and being able to be around others that are in the same tribe as you. It is a humbling feeling that I get to be around others like me,” said Harjo. “The tribe has helped me a lot as they have provided school supplies and have held sport tournaments that I have gotten the chance to play in.” 

Being a good example for his classmates and members of his tribe is important to Harjo. Setting a good example for the younger kids and making good grades is what he strives for. 

“I try to be the best version of myself to set an example for the younger generation of Muscogee Creek Nation members. In the classroom I strive to get good grades and to learn to listen to teachers. On the field or court I push myself to be better, faster, and stronger,” said Harjo. “My goals for my junior year are that I am better than myself the year before and keep improving everyday.”

His favorite subject in school is math because his father is a math teacher. 

“He had taught me that there is always, “One way and one answer in life.” I compare that saying to math because there is one answer that is right and nothing is sweeter than knowing that you are right,” said Harjo. 

Both parents have influenced Harjo in many ways. 

“My mother is my biggest influence on my life. My father has been the one to set my limits but my mother is the one who has stayed up late making sure I finished a paper that is due the next day or helped me study for a big test,” said Harjo. 

After graduating from Okemah, Harjo plans to attend college on an athletic scholarship and work towards becoming a Bio-Medical Engineer. 

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