Oklahoma Army National Guard 

The Cruz brothers decided to make the venture into the Oklahoma Army National Guard together as the two seniors at Okemah High School made the decision to serve their state and their country. 
Mason Cruz has attended basic training, while Michael will attend this coming summer. Both selected the National Guard based on the benefits and what was a good fit for them.
“I looked into other branch’s before I joined, and I felt the National Guard was best suited for me,” said Mason. Michael had a similar answer. “The thing that made the National Guard right for me was the great feedback about this branch.” 
Mason will serve as a 12 Romeo or an indoor electrician while Michael is set to become an 11 Bravo or Infantryman. Both have plans to attend college while serving in the National Guard. 
“I plan on attending Seminole State College after AIT (Advanced Individual Training),” said Mason. 
Michael also plans to attend college once he is done with basic training and AIT. 
The pair are the first members of their family to join the military and they are proud of the decision they made. 
The brothers are also athletes at Okemah High School playing football and basketball. Michael also runs track and serves on the student council. 
The recruiting process was painless, and the brothers were pleased with the process. 
“The recruiting process was easy for me. I had a great recruiter who recruited me, and my brother also helped in the process,” said Michael. 
Making the decision to join the military is a commitment and one that both brothers were excited to make. 
“The military is the beat and toughest decision you can make in your life,” said Mason. 
“It is a great decision to join the military to serve and honor our country after the many people who have before us,” said Michael. 

Congratulations to the Cruz brothers on their decision to serve in the Oklahoma National Guard. For more information, please visit www.nationalguard.com or call 1-800-GO-GUARD. 

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