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Baseball continues to be a way of life for Brody Short. Since his first team at age three, the 2021 senior at McCurtain High School has made the name of that first team a challenge for opponents of the Bulldogs.

“It seems like I’ve played baseball my whole life. My first team was named Trouble,” replied Short. “Tanner Bloxham and I have been on the same team ever since.”

The 6’4 pitcher creates trouble for opposing hitters when he’s on the mound as the lefty tries to control the pitch count like one of his favorite baseball childhood heroes.

“Lefties usually have better ball movement and my curve ball keeps hitters off balance,” Short said with confidence before cracking a smile. “Randy Johnson’s control was almost untouchable and he always hit his spot. While he was pitching a bird flew by and he hit it.”

When he’s not throwing strikes, “Brodeen” moves to first base and using his bat to make game changing results at the plate.

“I’m more of a contact hitter to move runners, hit for average,” said Short. “Occasionally, I can take it deep.”

Short continues a family tradition in sports by wearing jersey number five; the same number worn by his mom and dad. As one of four seniors in the starting lineup for McCurtain, Short understands the importance of character and influence, on and off the field.

“Character is who you are when no one else is looking. It’s part of my DNA to do what’s right and be a role model for my teammates.”

When asked to define himself in three words, Short replied with confidence and appreciation for the influence of others in his life.

“I try to be a hard worker, responsible and above all, set a Christ-like example in everything I do,” said Short. “Any success I achieve comes from Christ. The influence of my mom (Jody Short) has always shown me how to be the right kind of example.”

Brody’s pursuit of excellence earns the respect of teammates and his coach, Dillon Monday.

“His continual pursuit to be the best in everything is what sets Brody apart,” confirmed the McCurtain baseball coach. “He’s a perfectionist in both the classroom and on the field. A four-year starter who pitched for us in the state tournament, Brody will use that drive to set himself apart from everyone else in whatever he chooses to do in the future.”

Posting a 4.0 GPA has earned Short academic achievement awards including Superintendent’s Honor Roll as well as membership in National Honor Society. The 2021 senior is also involved in 4-H and FCA and also played basketball.

With graduation on the horizon, Short remains open to his future career choices including pursuing a career working as an electrician or heat and air. But with high expectations for success, Brody admits to another influence that drives him to be a winner.

“My dad (Brandon Short) always reminded me ‘if you’re not first, you’re last’ and I strive to win in everything I do,” said Brody. “That also means helping others find a way to win. When you can help your teammates, in school or in life find victory, you can win at the same time.”

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