Stilwell sophomore Jayce Caviness has learned the importance of always being ready. The sport of wrestling has its challenging demands for strength, conditioning and training. Add to the uncertainty the Covid pandemic and staying in complete readiness is a must.

“I wrestle everyday, every practice and certainly every match like it’s my last,” replied Caviness who claimed a silver medal last year wrestling in the Class 4A 106-pound division as a freshman.

As the calendar turns to February, wrestlers continue to perfect their style looking for the right time to take a shot.

“I ride the legs and try to keep the pace up throughout the match,” said Caviness who will compete for the Indians at 120 pounds this year. “When I can stay focused I’ll take my chances for my go-to-move with a blast double.”

Wrestling since the age of four, Caviness has posted an impressive record of 27-1 record this year going into the final month to bring his high school record to 74-6.

Involved in FFA as well as playing football, Caviness has earned a 3.7 GPA. While defining himself as someone who is focused, respectful and open-minded, Caviness draws praise from his coach.

“Jayce is extremely mentally tough and works extremely hard.  He too does a ton of extra work before and after practice on his own time.  His greatest attribute in wrestling is that he is completely fearless,” said Stilwell coach Paul Mayfield. “He’s never worried about an opponent’s record or where they are from. He has an unwavering belief that he is going to win every match he wrestles.”

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