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While many observers may think that soccer is just a game of kicking the ball into the net, athletes like Tabor Robinson of Tahlequah understand that soccer is a game of strategy that also requires a high level of physical conditioning.

“I think that’s the most misunderstood thing about soccer,” said Robinson, who plays center defensive midfielder in the Tigers lineup. “How much running we do during a match and how much stamina is required to play at a championship level is frightening. The individual training I do has helped to make me that player I am today.”

Robinson, who started playing soccer at age four, knows that game strategies require the Tahlequah sophomore to carry out his assignments. Just like team sports including football and basketball, “Tabe” has a definite responsibility to achieve in order to give his team a chance for victory.

“My role is to keep our team organized defensively and distribute the ball in order to get our attacks to score started.”

Off the pitch, Robinson enjoys his favorite food, cheeseburgers and fries with a glass of milk while exploring his phone scrolling his favorite app, Snapchat. In the classroom he maintains a 4.0 GPA including mastering his favorite subject, science. 

While he wears jersey number three for the Tigers, Tabor’s favorite athlete wore number 23, Michael Jordan which perhaps explains Tabor’s choice of words defining his efforts.

“Coachable and eager but most important to me is determined,” said Robinson. “Determined fits me best because I will do anything to win. My parents have taught me you’re there to play the right way and to go hard in everything we do, in practice or a game.”

The desire to win and commitment to the game strategy is just part of the influence of Robinson, according to his high school coach.

“There are players that as a coach you have to challenge and those who challenge you,” said Tigers coach Greg Hall. “Tabor is a player that when you give him a challenge, you know he’s going to give his best effort to complete the request. I’ll also admit that because of his desire to be successful, Tabor makes me work hard to be a better coach and he consistently displays a work ethic that also makes his teammates better.” 

For Tahlequah soccer…it’s ALL for one and one for ALL…thanks to the impact of Tabor Robinson.